VGB. Strength in the Wholesale Sector!
The Association of Wholesale Trade in Horticultural Products (VGB) is a strong organisation, indispensable in the sector. Membership has many benefits.

Strengths that benefits you
The VGB is the sector organisation for wholesale trade in flowers and plants. It is a strong association, thanks to the direct efforts of its members. It is a strong defender of their interests. The VGB is a formidable opponent when these interests are threatened. It represents more than 65 percent of total turnover in the Dutch wholesale ornamental plant trade. The VGB also radiates the power, flexibility and dynamism that characterises this sector. Entrepreneurs who are members of the VGB increase their own strengths as a result.

A strong negotiator
VGB´s trade commissions negotiate and consult with auction managements about rates and various measures that affect the trade, including auction policy and its implementation. Each auction location has such a negotiating delegation.

The commissions work is only one example of how VGB promotes the interests of the wholesale trade. The association represents the sector in all bodies relevant for wholesale trade, such as the Agricultural Wholesale Trade Board, the Horticultural Commodity Board, the Holland Flower Council and many others. It also serves as a discussion partner for government authorities, political and social partners. For example, the VGB supports the trade union movement in concluding collective labour agreements for the sector, which are generally binding. These also benefit you.

Strong initiatives
Many VGB initiatives have brought about crucial, innovative developments in the sector. The VGB plays a leading role in the total ornamental plant sector, primarily to promote trade. It has developed its own view of the entire market chain, which is regularly updated. This has resulted in concrete projects, also in the field of logistics, ICT and quality assurance. For example, the VGB was one of the pioneers of the Florimark quality mark. VGB´s quality team stirred things up in the sector with intensive inspections, by systematically demonstrating the erroneous information of growers and corresponding lack of control on the part of the auctions.

A strong network
Short lines of communication are best. The VGB is securely rooted in the practices of the rank and file. The management comprises a cross section of wholesalers in the sector: large and small, export/import, flowers/plants and so forth. Many members are active within the association, contributing practical know-how and experiences, with a direct influence on policy. They do so on the Executive Board and in countless committees and working parties. In this way, the VGB fulfils a significant network function for entrepreneurs in the sector. What better way to discuss with your colleagues everything that affects your company and the sector?

There are also networks for specific segments of the sector, such as the Cash & Carry and interior plant decorators. This latter group of entrepreneurs has its own section and code of conduct, specialised support, a guarantee fund, promotional projects and training.

Strong communication
The VGB communicates intensively with its members and other focus groups. With the Agricultural Wholesale Trade Board, Flowers and Plants, it publishes Het Groot Handelsblad, the specialised magazine for the sector. It also provides ongoing, updated information via its website. On the Internet VGB offers a complete electronic reference work for everything that could be important for its members. In addition, it circulates newsletters geared towards target groups. All members receive newsletters periodically about the results of the trade commissions consultations at the auctions where members do their buying. The editors of trade and other media are kept regularly informed about wholesale news.

Strong savings
Trough its subsidiary company, Vegekom, the association can offer many financial benefits because of the many framework agreements it has entered into with countless suppliers. Members can profit from substantial discounts, for example, when purchasing fuels, telecommunications, insurance, trade magazines and office supplies.

These strengths could be yours
Wholesalers in flowers and plants have to be flexible, businesslike, quick and alert. VGB shares that profile. An association with ISO certification, VGB´s small, qualified and efficient staff is actively working for the sector -- day in, day out. That means that they are also working for you, so why not become a member?

VGB, the smart way to trade!